Corgi Toys 107 Batboat

Batboat by Corgi Toys, No. 107. Early 'tin fin' issue. Blue screens. Very near mint/boxed. Complete with coupling attachment. From The Kingshill Collection.

Corgi toys 107 a batboat trailer ee651 front

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This is the first, more desirable issue (1967-70) Batboat with a tinplate fin (later issues had a plastic fin).
This particular version has blue screens. With bright and fresh complete paper labels on both sides, both seated figures of Batman and Robin and an attractive, beautifully detailed tinplate fin (later issues were plastic). Dashboard chrome is not flaking, although very small area has reacted to Batman’s hand , so ‘dulled’ in this small area. Grey steering wheel. Bright gold trailer with detailed cast wheels.

Corgi toys 107 batboat trailer ee651 back

Corgi toys 107 batboat trailer ee651 base

This item comes complete with the black towing hook accessory piece which could be used to attach it to the first issue Batmobile (without tow hook).

The card box with atmospheric graphics, is a work of art in itself!
Crisp, bright and fresh-looking. Small fleck of surface loss ton the tuck-in edge of an end flap. Period price label. Very light wear. Corgi Club Membership Form.
Note that this box issue is without the printed detail ‘National Periodical Publications inc. 1966’, no Spare Tyre information printed on an end flap and no ‘Colour of contents may differ…’

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