Dinky Toys 414 Rear Tipping Wagon

Rear Tipping Wagon by Dinky Toys, No. 414. Blue and grey version, blue wheels. Late issue with treaded tyres & lighter yellow card box with SAME PICTURE on both faces. Very near mint/boxed. From The Fenman Collection.

Dinky toys 414 rear tipping wagon ee603 front

Price: £160.00


A beautiful example of this Rear Tipping Wagon issued between 1954-64 in various colour finishes. This version has a mid-blue cab and chassis, matching wheels, pale grey back. A fine lustre to the paint finish and a shiny baseplate. Late issue with knobbly tyres.

Dinky toys 414 rear tipping wagon ee603 back

Dinky toys 414 rear tipping wagon ee603 base

In very close to mint condition.
The complete and bright late issue box has the same picture on both faces. Coupe of small punctures caused by the winding handle. End crumple.

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