Dinky Toys 340 Land-Rover

Land-Rover by Dinky Toys, No.340. Orange and dark green issue. Very near mint/boxed (late box). From The Sherwood Collection.

Dinky toys 340 landrover ee467 front

Price: £175.00


Issued during 1966, this Land Rover has a vivid orange paint finish, with deep green matt interior, red ridged wheels, complete with the familiar fawn metal driver, black metal steering wheel, light grey tyres (well-shaped). All original throughout. The matt metal windscreen has a little minor tarnishing, top edge. Little rough casting mark on the driver’s side wing.
A few little dots to the lustrous paint finish. Spare wheel stowed behind the driver’s seat.

Dinky toys 340 landrover ee467 back

Dinky toys 340 landrover ee467 base

The late, lighter yellow pictorial box is brightly-coloured, clean and quite crisp. Small edge puncture which has pressed back into place and a tear at an end flap seam. An orange colour spot has been placed at one end flap.

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