Dinky Toys 132 Ford 40-RV

Ford 40-RV by Dinky Toys, No. 132. VIBRANT METALLIC BLUE version with jewelled headlights. Very near mint/boxed. So scarce! From The Berlin Collection.

Dinky toys 132 ford 40rv ee381 front

Price: £500.00


A finely detailed and vibrantly-coloured issue Ford 40-RV model presented in a rigid perspex case style box. Metallic blue with a yellow interior. Jewelled headlights. Opening bonnet and boot. Spoked wheels.
Very close to mint.

Dinky toys 132 ford 40rv ee381 back

Complete red and silver ‘Ford’ labels at both sides. Very nice!
Car is fixed to the card and plastic base by means of the intact plastic lugs. Bright and crisp ‘Roadway’. Intact perspex lid.

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