Corgi Toys 269 James Bond's Lotus Esprit

James Bond Lotus Esprit by Corgi Toys, No. 269. Very, very near mint/boxed, with missiles. Version WITH the 'New' tag on the box. Later issue correct without hammer & sickle detail and instructions printed on base. From The Kingshill Collection.

Corg toys 269 james bond lotus esprit ee328 front

Price: £145.00

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A pleasing example of this James Bond-related item, inspired by the film ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, first issued during 1977 (box is dated 1977 on the underside). In virtually mint condition. The colourfully illustrated card inner stand is fine and intact.

The ‘film strip’ header card box is complete and bright. Version without the ‘hammer & sickle’ detail. The header card has a little top edge wear but thankfully has only the faintest crease on the reverse where the header meets the main body of the box. A little wear besides.

Corg toys 269 james bond lotus esprit ee328 back

Original cellophane window is intact. With 8 loose missiles (four in the model, and four spare).

Underside with operating instructions:

Corg toys 269 james bond lotus esprit ee328 base

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