Dinky Toys 620 Berliet Missile Launcher

Berliet Missile Launcher by Dinky Toys, No. 620. Very near mint/boxed. In BUBBLE PACK. From The Woodside Collection.

Dinky toys 620 berliet missile launcher ee61 front

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This model presents well with a military green finish, complete with a red and white Nord R20 missile. Issued between 1971-73. Bright and fresh example with fine original silver detailing at the front. A working scale model which has a trigger mechanism to launch the missile.
Very close to mint condition.

Dinky toys 620 berliet missile launcher ee61 back

Dinky toys 620 berliet missile launcher ee61 base

Note the white plastic missile is a little worn and there is a tiny split to one of the red components split to a small component of the plastic missile, otherwise hard to fault.
A more difficult find on the bubble pack which is intact and bright. Light wear/grubbiness.
This model is based on the French Dinky 816 Berliet Missile Launcher issued earlier between 1969-1971.

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