Dinky Toys 155 Ford Anglia

Ford Anglia by Dinky Toys, No. 155. Very near mint/boxed. Turquoise with bright red interior. From The Coastline Collection.

Dinky toys 155 ford anglia dd970 front

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An endearing Dinky car with a shining turquoise finish, detailed vivid red interior, bright wheels (with suspension) and shiny baseplate. Fingertip steering.

Dinky toys 155 ford anglia dd970 back

Dinky toys 155 ford anglia dd970 base

Couple of small areas of rough casting.Small stray smudge of factory silver on one front wing. Couple of minor marks to the paint finish.

The paler yellow picture box is crisp, bright and complete, with minor wear.
Issued in 1961.

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