Dinky Toys 164 Mk 4 Ford Zodiac

Mk 4 Ford Zodiac by Dinky Toys, No. 164. A scarce find in metallic COPPER. Near mint plus/boxed. From The Coastline Collection.

Dinky toys 164 ford zodiac mk 4 dd967 front

Price: £295.00

This item is sold.


Nearly always found in silver, this Ford Zodiac finished in vibrant metallic copper is a more difficult find. Bright red detailed interior. Jewelled lights at both front and rear, as well as bright chrome bumpers, ‘J’ registration plates, opening doors, bonnet and boot.
Yellow base.

Dinky toys 164 ford zodiac mk 4 dd967 back

Hard to find a mark to the paint finish but note that under close scrutiny, a couple of small touch-ins may be seen.
The car sits atop its clean and complete roadway base, still fastened to this by means of the yellow plugs on the plastic box base.
The perspex lid is fine, too.

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