Dinky Toys 353 SHADO 2 Mobile

SHADO 2 Mobile by Dinky Toys, No. 353 Very near mint/boxed. Window Box issue. With GREEN roof interior. Scarce with SMALL green rollers and black tracks. From The Woodside Collection. Starting bid £200. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

Dinky toys 353 shado 2 mobile dd912 front

Price: £200.00

This item is sold.


An obviously unused example in very close to pristine condition, complete and authentic throughout. Original light military green finish (so included in some military Dinky collections), including the panelled roof, a white cab interior, and a pale green base. Perfect fresh ‘SHADO 2’ labels on both sides. Bright silver firing mechanism. Intact black tracks (minor ‘stickiness’ due to prolonged contact with the polystyrene inner) on these small green rollers (scarce). Inspired by the Gerry Anderson UFO t.v. series, this model has a flip over roof mechanism which reveals a formidable rocket just waiting to be fired!

Dinky toys 353 shado 2 mobile dd912 back

Dinky toys 353 shado 2 mobile dd912 base

The window box is complete and bright with clean polystyrene packing. Original cellophane window (very small hole).

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