Dinky Toys 103 Spectrum Patrol Car

Spectrum Patrol Car by Dinky Toys, No. 103. Near mint plus/boxed. White painted base version. From The Woodside Collection.

Dinky toys 103 spectrum patrol car gerry anderson dd867 front

Price: £165.00


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Inspired by the Gerry Anderson’s T.V. series Captain Scarlet, this model has a vivid metallic red finish, white painted base and yellow interior. Complete with intact aerial and intact detailed transfers on both sides. Suspension and jet engine sound!

Dinky toys 103 spectrum patrol car gerry anderson dd867 back

Dinky toys 103 spectrum patrol car gerry anderson dd867 base

Paint finish is bright and glowing. Several little marks to the paint finish.
The picture box is colourful and bright. Note the area of surface loss due to a price label removal (we assume) on an end flap. Small tear.

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