Tekno Models 826 Taunus 17M

Taunus 17M by Tekno Models, No. 826. Very, very near mint/boxed (wear). Scarlet red version. From The Berlin Collection.

Tekno models 826 taunus 17m dd713 front

Price: £185.00


This bright scarlet (orange-red) Taunus model is in virtually mint condition with a vibrant original finish and perfect Taunus lettering on both sides and on the bonnet. Intact suspension and supple, well-shaped tyres.
A lovely example in virtually mint condition.

Tekno models 826 taunus 17m dd713 back

Tekno models 826 taunus 17m dd713 base

The bright and complete box has moderate age /handling wear (rubbing at edges and a re-enforced end flap due to a tear).

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