French Dinky Toys 25C Citroen 1200 KG Van

Citroen 1200 KG Van by French Dinky Toys, No. 25C. Very, very near mint/boxed. With original boxed French Dinky LAPEL BADGE. Scarce item from The Swiss-French Collection.

French dinky toys 25c citroen 1200kg van dd565 front

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Issued between 1954-57, this Citroen Van has a pleasing sheen on the original silver-grey finish.
Virtually mint!

French dinky toys 25c citroen 1200kg van dd565 back

French dinky toys 25c citroen 1200kg van dd565 base

Matching ridged wheels, well-shaped smooth black original tyres generally (one has a very light flat spot) and a sliding door at one side. Shiny baseplate (minor spidering) with 25C stamped.
The card box is crisp and complete. Vibrant colours on intact card. Tiny wear only.
And an original enamelled Dinky Toys Club (French) Lapel Badge, in its original box – included with the purchase.

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