Dinky Toys 164 Mk 4 Ford Zodiac

Mk 4 Ford Zodiac by Dinky Toys, No. 164. Silver. Very near mint/boxed. From The Reference Collection.

Dinky toys 164 mk 4 ford zodiac dd488 front

Price: £110.00


1st issue of this Zodiac model finished in silver with a bright red detailed interior. Jewelled lights at both front and rear, as well as bright chrome bumpers, ‘E’ registration plates, opening doors, bonnet and boot.

Dinky toys 164 mk 4 ford zodiac dd488 back

Couple of tiny marks.
The car sits atop its fresh and bright, intact roadway base, still fastened to this by means of the yellow plugs on the plastic box base.
The perspex lid has lightest wear. No informative label.

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