Mettoy Husky Corgi Factory Castings

8 x bare Mettoy Husky Castings. Original factory unfinished models from a former Corgi employee in Northampton. From The Gower Collection. So rare! Starting bid £100. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

Corgi husky factory castings dd417 front

Price: £275.00

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Mettoy introduced Husky models in 1964 to compete with Matchbox 1-75 models which were popular at this time. Later Husky models would be re-branded as Corgi Junior models in 1970.
Remarkable and intriguing, these bare Mettoy Husky castings will be familiar to collectors even in this unpainted and unfinished condition.
All items listed below were issued 1965 onwards, so these bare metal castings are from this early Husky period.

a) No. 1 Jaguar Mark X
b) No. 2 Citroen Safari
c) No. 3 Mercedes 220
d) No. 5 Lancia Flaminia
e) No. 8 Ford Thunderbird
f) No. 14 Guy Warrior
g) No. 15 VW Pick-up
h) No. 16 Aveling Barford Dump Truck

Corgi husky factory castings dd417 back

Corgi husky factory castings dd417 base

A cache of these models were secured by The Gower Collector when he met with an ex-employee of Corgi in Northampton.
More Firsts for QDT!

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