French Dinky Toys 34A Berliet Rear Dump Truck

Berliet Rear Dump Truck by French Dinky Toys. In blue with BURNT ORANGE back. Scarce. Very near mint/boxed. From The 25 Year Collection.

French dinky toys 34a berliet dump truck dd282 front

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An early issue (1955-59), this is an attractive Berliet Truck in mid-blue with an orange tipper. A pleasing example with a fine sheen and a bright and shiny baseplate, axles and winding handle. Very close to mint!



Correct that this model has a mix of convex (front) and concave blue metal wheels (rear).
Barely a mark – although note a stroke of lighter yellow paint on a side edge.
The box is clean and complete, with strong colours. Crisp feel. Puncture has pressed back into place (caused by the winding handle).

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