Corgi Gift Set 22 Farming Models

Farming Models by Corgi, Gift Set No. 22. Very scarce. Near mint plus - very, very near mint/boxed, complete with upper and lower moulded polystyrene trays. With Accessories & 2 Instruction Slips. From The Wesley Lodge Collection.

Corgi gift 22 farming set dd179 box front

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Always an entrancing set to see. This scarce Corgi Toys Gift Set has a truly delightful detailed pictorial scene card box! Issued between 1962-65. Contents are graded near mint generally.
It comprises:


1) Corgi 1111 Combine Harvester with early metal tines (notably complete, very difficult to find). Barely a mark to be seen but there are a few later dabs of red paint in places that you have to peer very closely to see. Complete transfers.

2) Corgi 406 Land-Rover in mid-green, shaped spun wheels.

3) Corgi 101 Platform Trailer is in primrose yellow with shaped spun wheels.

4) Corgi 51 Tipping Trailer in red and yellow with red plastic wheels.

5) Corgi 57 Massey-Ferguson 65 Tractor with Fork in red with red plastic wheels. With silver shovel. Virtually complete-complete transfers.

6) Corgi 55 Fordson Power Major Tractor in very near mint condition with complete transfers on both sides. Orange plastic wheels. Few small marks and a little flake of paint.

7) Corgi 61 Four Furrow Plough in red and yellow. Very near mint.

8) *Corgi 1490 Skip and 3 Churns Accessory Set. Very near mint.

9) 3 original farm figures

10) Corgi 1487 Milk Churns



All authentic items!
Inner polystyrene tray is intact, if a little marked by the models in places now. Unusually, this set has the top moulded piece of polystyrene too (minor break repair).


Outer box with a charming and delightful full colour pictorial scene is a work of art in itself and displays well with no loss of colour vibrancy.



The lid face is strongly-coloured still and clean, with none of the expected punctures or heavy wear that often plagues this style of Gift Set box. Residue of old tape which kept the lid closed. A small area of surface loss at a lid end and base side. Light wear besides. The comparatively flimsy yellow card base into which the polystyrene base fits has some grubbiness and light wear.

Underside of box base:


With 2 Instruction Slips.


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