Dinky Toys 970 Jones Fleetmaster Cantilever Crane

Jones Fleetmaster Cantilever Crane by Dinky Toys, No. 970. Near mint plus/boxed, with Instruction Leaflet. From The Coastline Collection.

Dinky toys 970 jones fleetmaster crane dd88 front

Price: £135.00



Issued between 1967-71, this model has a Bedford TK cab and comes in red and black finish (non metallic version) and with a white folding crane. Lots of action features on this item, ably explained in the Instruction sheet supplied.
A few small marks to the paint finish.



Complete JONES label on the swivelling section. Note that the smaller ‘JONES’ label is no longer present. Small blistered paint area on one side.
The colourful card box is crisp, bright and fresh with vibrant colours. Small handling tear and light wear besides.
Instruction Leaflet:


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