Corgi Toys (462) Commer Van Promotional

Corgi Promotional Commer Van Model (no individual Corgi number assigned to this model). Very, very near mint/in correct unnumbered plain blue & yellow Corgi Toys box. Screwed base issue. From A Phenomenal Collection.

Corgi toys 462 commer van masonic dd12 front

Price: £425.00


Few were made during the early 1970’s. The dealer who purchased the lot at a much later date asserts that there were 136 in all. They were commissioned by a Mason’s Lodge.
This Commer Van model is based on the standard Corgi 462 model. This example is in very closer to mint condition with a distinctive original grey finish, red interior and silver dished wheels, screwed base.



The clean, crisp and bright box (correctly un-numbered) looks like old shop stock quality. Tiny wear.
A truly outstanding item produced in such few numbers.

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