Dinky Toys 417 Leyland Comet Lorry

Leyland Comet Lorry by Dinky Toys, No. 417. Near mint plus/boxed. Violet blue & deep yellow issue. Rare with LIGHT BLUE Supertoy wheels. From The Reference Collection.

Dinky toys 417 leyland comet lorry cc947 front

Price: £300.00


This classic Dinky truck was made between 1956-58. Lustrous finish in violet blue with an orange-yellow stake back – a difficult find with light blue Supertoy ridged wheels.
In all original condition with a glossy finish.


Original grey tyres with spare wheel stowed underneath. Bolt fixing. ‘417’ cast underneath.
In honest condition with a small mark at cab side edge and a few smaller marks to a wheel arch etc.
Few dulled patches on the base.


The complete picture box box has strong colours throughout. Rusty staples. Light wear only.

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