Dinky Toys 434 Bedford T.K. Crash Truck 'Top Rank'

Bedford T.K. Crash Truck 'Top Rank' by Dinky Toys, No. 434. Off-white back ' and 'TOP RANK Motorway Service' labels. Rare. Very near mint/boxed. From The Coastline Collection.

Dinky toys 434 bedford tk crash truck cc943 front

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Issued between 1966-70, this Bedford TK Truck has an all original non-metallic red cab with a black ridged roof and an off-white back, red interior and operating wheel, red plastic wheels. White steering wheel. Small factory run, this example has complete ‘TOP RANK Motorway Service’ transfers (usually this version would have a grey back and ‘Auto Services’ transfers on both sides).



Few tiny marks to the paint finish.
The attractive pictorial end flap box is clean, complete and bright. These later end flap boxes often suffer from extensive wear due to the comparatively flimsy nature of the card in relation to the weight of the truck enclosed inside. This example has a small end flap tear and an end flap scuff.

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