Dinky Toys 162 Ford Zephyr Saloon

Ford Zephyr Saloon by Dinky Toys, No. 162. Very near mint/boxed. DEEP GREEN & PALE GREENISH-CREAM issue. Scarce. From The Reference Collection.

Dinky toys 162 ford zephyr saloon cc880

Price: £175.00


A scarce version of the Zephyr Saloon in deep green and a greenish-cream, and fawn hubs. A fine Dinky car made between 1956-60.



Bright base (minor ‘spidering’) and smooth-running original tyres.
The top half is quite an unusual shade and certainly distinctly different from the other colour version (which is a true cream shade).
Occasional tiny mark and note that minute inspection finds a couple of subtle touch-ins.
The box is very crisp and fresh, although it has a light storage crease on the top surface. Correct colour code at the end flaps, since this model was also available in two-tone blue.

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