Corgi Toys Gift Set 31 The 'Riviera' Gift Set

The 'Riviera' Gift Set by Corgi Toys, Gift Set No. 31. Near mint-very near mint/boxed with Leaflet. From The Coastline Collection.

Corgi toys gift set 31 riviera cc872

Price: £275.00

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This popular Set was made between 1965-68, and comprises Corgi 245 Buick, red boat trailer, a Dolphin 4 Berth Cabin Cruiser with Captain figure and a water skier.


i) Corgi 245 Buick Riviera in sleek metallic blue with a bright red detailed interior. Suspension on cast detailed wheels. As is often the case with these models, the chrome trim is peeling off. Bright axles, including the ends. Intact tow hook. Original tyres feel supple and look as-new. A most pleasing sheen to the original paint finish.

ii) Trailer is in very near mint condition.

iii) Corgi 104 Dolphin Cabin Cruiser is in fresh, bright and clean condition, with a complete paper label (some age transparency). Complete with Captain and intact outboard motor and propellor.
This tows the original skier on the original plastic water scene attachment.
Complete and looking as-new!

Colourful card stand is very crisp and fresh with vivid colours. Lovely bright, as-new impression. Hard to fid this good.
Both pull-out tabs are present and tear-free. Exceptional.

The attractive outer box is very nice indeed with excellent colours on clean, crisp, fresh card. Plenty of end flap spring. Small internal end flap tear. FAO Schwarz New York period price label. Period penned price label nearby (scribbled over).



Comes with the often missing original Instruction Leaflet too (folded).


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