Complete Set of 7 Corgi Toys "FAWLTY TOWERS"

7 x "FAWLTY TOWERS" Austin A1300 Estate & Basil Fawlty by Corgi Toys. Complete set of 7 issues, including rare variations. Mint/boxed. Unused old shop stock set from The Wesley Lodge Collection.

Fawlty towers

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Inspired by one of the funniest and most loved comedy series from the 1970’s, this is a wonderful, shop-fresh set of all 7 versions of the original Fawlty Towers issues. This set includes of course, those that are most elusive such as the ‘FARTY TOWELS’, ‘WATERY FOWLS’, ‘FATTY OWLS’ and the ‘FLOWERY TWATS’ versions.
Each one contains a bright red Austin 1300 Estate, complete with figure of Basil Fawlty in the iconic pose complete with tree branch to give the car ‘a damn good thrashing’!


A note from a collector:

Legend held that only 24 of each of these variations were produced so these instantly became ultra rare Limited Edition collectables with individual ones, particularly Flowery Twats (which is the only proper anagram), going for hundreds at auction.
In actual fact, there were 144 of each of the ‘Misspelt’ models!
They were issued by the wholesalers in packs of 6 models and in each pack one was a “misspelt”. There were approx 5200 models made in the original issue so 860 trade packs needed five of the normal ‘Fawlty Towers’ in each pack (4300) plus 144 of each of the 6 different misspellings (864) which total up to 5184_.This has been verified by the Corgi Collectors Club so now you know and should not believe anyone who says that there were only 24 of each model!
However, it actually makes very little difference to their rarity value since they are still as rare as hen’s teeth, supported by the fact that you can hardly ever find them!

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