French Dinky Toys 1419 Ford Thunderbird

Ford Thunderbird Coupe by French Dinky Toys, No. 1419. Green issue with black roof. More difficult find with black roof. Very near mint /boxed, with both leaflets. From The Berlin Collection.

French dinky toys 1419 coupe ford thunderbird cc645

Price: £140.00


Issued between 1969-71, this Ford Thunderbird Coupe has a bright, original metallic green finish with a sleek matte black roof, shiny wheels with well-formed, as-new original tyres.
Battery-operated rear lights are untested.


Few tiny marks on the roof. Very minor rear bumper chrome rubs.
Presented in a plastic base with colourful ‘roadway’ card detail. Note the removal and re-application of a strip of tape at a short lid end which has resulted in the DINKY lettering not being perfectly lined up. Tyre and securing pin. The perspex lid has barely any of the usual wear. With informative black and gold label.
Both leaflets:



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