Dinky Toys 945 AEC Fuel Tanker 'Lucas Oil'

AEC Fuel Tanker 'Lucas Oil' by Dinky Tous, No. 945. Promotional model. Very near mint/boxed. From The Wesley Lodge Collection.

Price: £275.00


Issued during 1977, this promotional ‘Lucas Oil’ articulated tanker is in in very close to perfect condition with all six grey filler caps complete and intact. Black cab interior and cast wheels. Both grey hoses in place at the sides.



‘Lucas Oil’ labels are complete and bright – in fine condition throughout. A couple of minor marks to the paint finish.
The correct green and white box base is colourful, bright, clean and intact, and note that it comes complete with the ‘standard issue’ 945 base, too.


Bubble lid is clear, complete and notably intact. Little polystyrene packing wedge.

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