Dinky Toys 952 Vega Major Luxury Coach

Vega Major Luxury Coach by Dinky Toys, No. 952. Very near mint/boxed (late issue in end flap style box). CREAM issue, maroon strip, bright blue interior, detailed cast wheels, BRIGHT BLUE BASE. From The Wesley Lodge Collection.

Price: £165.00


First issued during 1964, this Luxury Coach has an original gloss cream finish, bright blue interior, and a complete maroon side flash on both sides, window glazing, opening luggage compartment at the rear. Version with detailed cast wheels. Bright blue base.



Battery-operated orange flashing indicators mechanism (untested). Occasional very small mark and a little edge crease to one of the side paper labels (minor).
The colourful late issue end flap box is complete and bright, with quite a crisp feel. A little minor wear, including a corner edge ruffle.

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