Dinky Toys 165 Humber Hawk

Humber Hawk (with windows) by Dinky Toys, No. 165. Maroon & cream. Spun wheels. Very near mint/boxed. From The Woodford Green Collection.

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An attractive classic Dinky car issued between 1959-60. Eye-catching in rich maroon and cream, this model has a lustrous finish with shining shaped spun hubs and silver trim. ‘Prov. Pat. Nos.1165./59 1026/59’ on a bright baseplate.
As-new treaded tyres.



Mere dot or two on the roof and the occasional very small mark besides. Shiny baseplate.
Picture box is brightly-coloured with the correct colour spot. Grubbiness and a subtle repair to a part-thickness internal end flap tear.

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