Dinky Toys 979 Racehorse Transport

Dinky 979 Racehorse Transport. Near mint plus/boxed. Complete with both original horses. Scarce. Dated 1961. From The Fenman Collection!

Dinky supertoys 979 racehorse transport cc504

Price: £325.00



This is a scarce issue in close to perfect condition, complete with the two original horses. Perfect detailed transfers on one side, very close to perfect on the other and at the front of the cab.
Lovely lustre shows that this horse box has had minimal handling.



Occasional minor mark to the paint finish.
Upon close inspection, one can see a couple of little marks at a rear edge (light flick of a similar paint washed over them) and another little rub on one side also has a light flick of a similar paint thinly applied over. Easily overlooked. Presents very well – this is a hard model to find in any condition.
Comes complete with both original horses too!
Striped Supertoys box is really very fresh and bright! Indeed, the lid is in close to mint condition with just a couple of minor rubs. No splits or graffiti. Lovely vivid blue box base has none of the usual sunfading. Small corner crumple to the base. Period price at one lid end. Factory stamp on the inside of the box lid dates this particular example from June 1961. Model produced 1961-64.

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