French Dinky 24J Alfa Romeo "1900 Super Sprint"

Alfa Romeo "1900 Super Sprint" by French Dinky Toys, No. 24J. Very near mint/boxed. *More unusual issue in mid-blue*. Convex wheels. From The Fenman Collection.

French dinky toys 24j alfa romeo super sprint cc426

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An attractive French Dinky classic car in all original condition issued during 1959 only. This Alfa Romeo is finished in a distinctive shade of mid-blue. A more difficult variation to find; more common version is in red. Plated convex hubs are shiny. Smooth black tyres are well-shaped. Bright, shiny baseplate with 24J stamped.



Looking closely, you will see the merest suggestion of a roof rub and a very faint hairline surface windscreen scratch. cOuple of tiny marks to the paint finish besides.
The picture box is complete and bright, with a crisp feel. Minor wear only.

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