Corgi Toys 1121 Chipperfield's Circus Crane Truck

Chipperfield's Circus Crane Truck by Corgi Toys, No. 1121. Near mint plus/boxed. Scarce late issue (export) in end flap box. From Duncan's Collection.

Price: £175.00


This second issue circus crane truck was made between 1963-69, part of the Major Pack range of Corgi models. This unused truck has such a vibrant red and yellow paint finish with bright blue ‘Chipperfields Circus’ lettering on both sides, blue hubs and chrome jib with original string and hook.



Occasional pinprick mark to a couple of the letters at the sides (due to box contact), and a little factory assembly marking to the yellow section immediately below the fixing rivet of the crane. Little mark at a top side edge nearby too. Little marking to one small section of the generally bright chrome finish of the crane.
None of the expected marks on the front bumper or indeed on the cab roof.
The end flap box is a difficult find. It is bright, clean and complete. Little storage crush at a corner. Little seam tear and a little edge ruffling in places besides. Tiny puncture. Original dollar price label is still affixed at an end flap.

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