3 x (Spanish) French Dinky Boxes

3 x French Dinky (Spanish) Boxes for French Dinky 500 2 CV Citroen, 510 Peugeot, 1424 Renault 12 TL. Very near mint. From The QDT Vault.

Price: £80.00


Very fresh, clean and bright and looking like new, these 3 (Spanish) French Dinky boxes are useful additions to your collection, possibly as upgrades for existing models or indeed as contenders for later acquisitions!



1)(Spanish) French Dinky Toys 510 Peugeot 204 (1977-78)

2)(Spanish) French Dinky Toys 1424 Renault 12 TL (1977-78)

3) (Spanish) French Dinky Toys 500 (011500) 2 CV Citroen

Tiny wear.

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