Corgi Toys 251 Hillman Imp

Hillman Imp by Corgi Toys, No. 251. Very near mint/boxed. With intact suspension & luggage. Metallic DEEP BLUE version with luggage. From The QDT Vault.

Corgi toys 251 hillman imp b218

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Issued between 1963-66, this model has a bright deep metallic blue finish, yellow interior, shaped spun wheels. So often these models are found with broken suspension at the rear, since it is by depressing the rear wheels that one is able to fold down the rear seats. Please note that the suspension is notably present on all four wheels. Shiny spun wheels and as-new original tyres.
Very close to mint, with luggage.



Note the Corgi period accessory labels applied.
Original owner initial on the base.
The box is complete, colourful and intact. Tiny wear.

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