Corgi Toys 338 Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet SS 350 Camaro by Corgi Toys, No. 338. Very, very near mint/boxed. With Leaflet. Rare box version WITH MECHANIC pictured. A First for QDT! From The Berlin Collection.

Price: £200.00


A rare find in this style of box with the mechanic pictured on the face and

This is an an eye-catching Chevrolet SS 350 Camaro sports car in metallic green-gold, with black bonnet stripe and silver bonnet detail. High quality detailed example has lots of little touches: detachable black plastic hood, a detailed interior which includes a steering wheel, sliding seats, and a gear stick. Jewelled headlights (with sliding headlight covers) as well as rear lights – and of course desirable ‘Golden Jacks’ Take Off wheels (this version has a gold finish on the Jacks) and spring suspension!
Virtually mint.



With slip:


This most unusual box version window box has the mechanic pictured but also note the product number ‘338’ is printed on the face too and also the Mettoy-Playcraft print on the box reverse too. So at least three differences when compared with the standard version. There may be more differences that we have not spotted!
The box is bright, clean and ever so crisp, although note that there is a small area of surface loss. Card plinth is complete, bright and crisp with no tears.

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