Tekno 436 'FALCK' Volvo Crane Truck & Tekno 437 Trailer

'FALCK' Volvo Crane Truck by Tekno models (scarce early issue) & No. 436 & Fire Service Trailer by Tekno models, No.437. Near mint plus- very near mint/boxed. From The Berlin Collection.

Tekno models 436 falck crane fire trailer bb949

Price: £395.00


A wonderfully vibrant and glossy, scarce early issue Volvo Crane Truck ‘FALCK’ with shiny metal parts, looking unused. Complete ’FALCK’’ letters in cream and intact delicate emblem on the doors.
Lettering is complete throughout.
Very close to mint condition.
Occasional little mark to the paint finish only.
Complete, colourful and crisp card box has a little light wear.



Vivid, unused Tekno Models 437 Fire Service Trailer model in close to mint condition, complete with jockey wheel and small components.


A little expected wear to the paint finish on the tow ring.
Colourful and crisp box has a tiny tear and very light wear besides.

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