'Woolworths' Corgi Mercedes 300SL

Sample of Corgi Mercedes 300SL, planned for Woolworths, (details found in The Great Book of Corgi). Near mint. Extremely scarce item from The Gower Collection.

Price: £450.00



Sample model of the Mercedes 300SL planned for release into Woolworths but never actually put into production. Needless to say this sample piece is extremely scarce! The Mercedes 300 SL model is made of a very simple casting and is 5ins (13cms) in length. A little piece of Corgi history, this model was made during 1959 and was intended to retail for 1/6d. Basic model with one piece moulding finished in bright colours; indeed, their design could not have been more simple:



Basic but instantly recognisable as Mercedes with the three pointed star clearly cast. The wheels are one-piece high density polythene, pushed over pre-headed axles. Near mint with a little minor marking to the paint finish.
Charming and so scarce – this is a little piece of early Corgi history. Unique and authentic item.

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