Corgi Toys 303 Mercedes 300SL Open Roadster

Mercedes-Benz 300Sl Roadster by Corgi Toys, No. 303. Very, very near mint/boxed. Hard to find with SHAPED SPUN WHEELS and in the PLAIN STAMPED END BOX. Another rare issue from A Phenomenal Collection.

Price: £395.00

This item is sold.


It is always especially exciting to find rare versions- and then, even better to find them as near to perfect as you can reasonably expect – and best of all, when they are in rare boxes too! This Mercedes Open Top Roadster ticks all of these boxes.



All original, crisp white finish with a mid-blue interior, and the first we have seen in a long while with shaped spun wheels. Sleek matt base and fine original tyres. Blemish-free window-glazing.
Just a couple of bumper marks and a mere dot or two to the paint finish.
Presented in the plain blue and yellow box with ‘303’ and ‘Mercedes-Benz 300SL Open Roadster’ factory stamps at the end flaps. Light crease or two and minor age wear besides.

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