Corgi Toys 203 Vauxhall Velox

Vauxhall Velox Saloon by Corgi Toys, No. 203. Very near mint/boxed. Yellow with a red roof & window posts, silver bonnet flutes. Fresh box. From The Reference Collection.

Corgi toys 203 vauxhall velox saloon bb795

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Issued between 1956-61. Gleaming bright, this Velox model is finished in lemon, with bright red roof and window posts. This is the version with original silver bonnet fluting.
Shiny base and well-shaped original, fine tread tyres. Shining silver trim.



Tiny raised casting mark on the roof.
The blue and yellow picture box is complete and bright, with a crisp feel. Tiny wear. Corgi Club Membership Form.

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