French Dinky Toys 1405 Opel Rekord

Opel Rekord Coupe 1900 by French Dinky Toys, No. 1405. Metallic silver-blue. Very, very near mint/boxed, with unapplied number plates. From The Berlin Collection.

French dinky toys 1405 opel rekord bb787

Price: £160.00


Issued between 1968-70, this Opel model is in virtually mint condition, finished in sleek metallic silver-blue, bright red interior, and unrubbed plated fittings. Presented in a clean, fresh and bright card, plastic and perspex box.
With tyre and clip fixing. Nice to see the little slip of number-plates present and unapplied.


Pristine card ‘roadway’ on a fine, bright yellow plastic plinth. Intact perspex top is close to mark-free. With colour spot. Period price label.

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