Dinky Toys 970 Jones Fleetmaster Cantilever Crane

Jones Fleetmaster Cantilever Crane by Dinky Toys, No 970. Metal wheels issue. Non-metallic red issue with red interior. Scarce. Near mint plus/boxed. From The QDT Vault.

Price: £135.00


Issued during 1971, this model has a Bedford TK cab and comes in non-metallic red and black finish, with a white folding crane and domed hubs. Red interior. Complete ‘JONES’ label. Metal wheels issue. More often found in the metallic red finish.



Red plastic winding handle. Complete chevron label.
A little blistering to the paint in one very small area and an extra sweep of a pinkish-white paint over a couple of little marks. Occasional little exposed edge mark.
The colourful card box is complete and bright. A little age/handling wear and a small puncture has pressed back into place. Penned writing on both non-picture sides.

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