Dinky Toys 25A Wagon

Wagon by Dinky Toys, No. 25A. Scarce in Grass Green & black, type 2. From 1946. Very, very near mint/never boxed individually. An exceptional example from a lifelong collector in Devon.

Price: £250.00

This item is sold.


From a lifelong collector whose love of Dinky toys started as a child back in the 1950’s and never left him. He started collecting as a young boy and never stopped. His collection amounts to the best of British in terms of both Dinky and Tri-ang Minic models for the most part.

A scarce Type 2 Wagon! This truck has a pleasing glossy, all original bright grass green and black finish with a type 2 chassis.



Intact cast tow hook, smooth wheels in black with smooth well-shaped original tyres.
One of the best examples you will ever see.
Never individually boxed, but sold simply from a shopkeeper’s Dinky Trade Box of 6.

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