Dinky Toys 25F

Market Gardeners Lorry by Dinky Toys, No. 25F. Very near mint/never boxed individually. From a lifelong collector in Devon.

Price: £175.00



From a lifelong collector whose love of Dinky toys started as a child back in the 1950’s and never left him. He started collecting as a young boy and never stopped. His collection amounts to the best of British in terms of both Dinky and Tri-ang Minic models for the most part.

Issued during 1947, this Market Gardener’s Lorry has a green body, black chassis and hubs, type 3 plain closed chassis. Much of the plating remains on the radiator and headlights.
A fresh mid-green paint finish with a cast tow hook, black ridged wheels.



Merest mark or two to the paint finish.
This model would have been sold from Dinky trade boxes, so not individually boxed.

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