Corgi Glass Cabinet

Original early Corgi Toys Glass Cabinet. Excellent plus. A rare display piece from The Reference Collection. Starting bid £300. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

Corgi toys glass cabinet bb402

Price: £525.00

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Rare to come to the market-place, this is an irresistible way of displaying some of your favourite Corgi models!
A delightful 1950’s period Corgi Display Cabinet made entirely of glass and measuring 38cms wide x 51cms high x 24cms deep at the base (designed to taper, so the lowest shelf is deeper than the highest). Please note that the middle shelf although original and correctly bevelled is actually the same dimensions as the top shelf (so slightly shallow perhaps by approx 1cm).

Note there are two repairs (both small): one on the base and one lower left of the front panel and one of the original brackets has been modified. There are a few little glass chips but this is still a highly decorative glass cabinet, especially with the original transfers being very nearly complete-complete. Few little scratches.
In all original condition, this is a wonderful asset in any Corgi Collection, and a beautiful display item, especially stocked with a selection of Corgi models.
For illustration only:




Note the trademark early Corgi Logo with the light brown Corgi dog surrounded by a red background, and blue strip with ‘CORGI TOYS’ in black print. Metal nuts, bolts and brackets secure the components firmly in place. Original glass shelves are bevelled, so there are no sharp edges.

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