French Dinky Toys 897 Willeme Log Carrier Truck

Willeme Log Carrier Truck by French Dinky Toys No. 897 (later numbering). Very near mint /boxed. Lighter orange cab issue with GROOVED wheels throughout. From The Reference Collection.

French dinky toys 897 willeme log carrier truck bb3076

Price: £185.00


A lovely unused example, finished in a lighter orange shade and deep yellow. Note the pierced detailing of the beam beneath the logs (later issues unpierced). Note the concave wheels throughout. Very few minor marks. Presents well with day-one fresh colours, bright metal parts and well-shaped, original black radial tyres, including the spare. Complete with the log load, too.



This version has the pierced detailing at the beam beneath the logs.
Colourful and complete later box with 897 numbering. Light wear. With Dinky Quality Control stamp on the inside of the box lid.

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