Dinky Toys 920 Guy Warrior Van 'HEINZ'

Guy Warrior Van 'Heinz' by Dinky Toys, No. 920. The rarest of the Dinky Guy Advertising Vans! Very near mint/boxed. Sensational item in the correct plain striped box from The Highgate Collection.

Price: £2,350.00


One of the rarest Dinky models you will find. This is surely the rarest of the Dinky Advertising Vans – rarer even then the Weetabix Van! A sought-after model, this is the Guy Warrior version of the Heinz Advertising Van. Seldom comes to the market place at all, let alone in this close to mint condition. Notably complete eye-catching delicate transfers on both sides are original. Wonderful lustre to the paint finish with not a trace of sunfading.
Original state.



Little chip on the cab roof and minor tarnishing to the rear door posts.
The correct plain blue striped lift-off lid box is complete, bright and intact with no tears or repairs. Untarnished staples. No graffiti. Light wear. Neatly penned period pricing on a short lid end.
An exciting and rare find from this collector.

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