Corgi Toys 215 Ford Thunderbird

Ford Thunderbird Open Sports by Corgi Toys, No. 215. White version WITH 1959 licence plate & a BLACK steering wheel. Flat spun wheels. Very near mint/boxed. From a dedicated collector in The Home Counties.

Corgi t0ys 215 ford thunderbird open sports bb36

Price: £125.00

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Issued 1959-62 (early version without suspension), with a bright white finish, light blue interior with silver seats, version with 1959 rear licence plate, flat spun hubs. Intact windscreen. Note this version has a black steering wheel. Fine, original tyres.



Couple of small exposed edge marks to this most unforgiving of paint finishes.
The blue and yellow picture box is complete and tear-free, showing a little light age and handling wear.

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