Dinky Toys 165 Humber Hawk

Humber Hawk (with windows) by Dinky Toys, No. 165. Very near mint/boxed, with perspex packing strip. Green & black version with spun wheels. Scarce BUTTON-ENDED RIVETS. Starting bid £150. Please note that QDT apply 12.5% buyer's commission.

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This model has a lustrous green and black finish, with shining shaped spun hubs. This version was issued between 1959-60:



This version does not have front number plate casting (issued with or without). Faint roof rub visible under strong light. Shiny base and as-new original treaded tyres. Note the domed or button-ended rivets, found with some Dinky models from this period. Please see D198 button in our archive.

Excellent box with strong colours on fresh, crisp card. Correct colour spot. Little edge corner crumple. Nice to see the perspex packing strip still present:


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