Corgi Toys 322 Rover 2000 International Rally

Rover 2000 'International Rally Finish' by Corgi Toys, No. 322. Near mint plus/boxed. Scarce! From The Hastings Collection.

Price: £345.00

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A sought-after model from Corgi, issued during 1967 only. An all original black and white finish, with complete racing numbers ‘21’ set in the distinctive red circle logo. Jewelled lights, cast wheels and complete registration numbers on the glossy black bonnet and at the rear. Trans-o-lite issue. Suspension is fine. Bright red interior.



The occasional little mark (mostly on the passenger side).
The correct over-flashed box is complete and brightly coloured with an intact over-flash label. Age transparency and minor wear to the label, including the remains of a price label. Corgi Club Membership Form.

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