Dinky Toys 161 Austin Somerset

Austin Somerset Saloon by Dinky Toys, No. 161. Scarce red and yellow version. Treaded tyres with 'M' stamped. Very near mint/boxed. From The Fenman Collection.

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Now here’s a rare and sought-after variation! This gleaming bright jewel of a car has a two-tone red and yellow finish. Issued between 1956-59, issued toward the end of the production run with treaded tyres with ‘M’ stamped. Wonderfully vivid lustre and a shining silver trim.



A desirable car in very close to mint condition. Note that one tyre has a very minor malformation which does not affect the smooth running and there i a little of the usual marking to the wheels. Paint finish is virtually mint. Minor tarnishing to the baseplate.
The picture box is bright and complete, with the correct two-colour spot at the end flaps. Light wear and a little stain. Feels rarely handled.
Notoriously difficult to get in good condition!

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