Dinky Toys 133 Cunningham Road Racer

Cunningham C-5R Road Racer by Dinky Toys, No 133. Near mint plus/boxed. Scarce version in OFF-WHITE, with a BLUE interior, blue-black door racing numbers. From The Berlin Collection.

Dinky toys 133 cunningham road racer aa694

Price: £245.00


A desirable Dinky racing car issued between 1955-60. This scarce version has an original gloss off-white finish with a vibrant mid-blue interior, matching ridged wheels, metal racing driver. Complete racing numbers. Well-shaped treaded tyres.
In close to mint condition with vivid blue stripes (a few little nicks). Jut the occasional little mark to the paint finish.



Shiny base (minor ‘spidering’).
This is not an easy version to find.
The deep yellow picture box is clean and complete. Note the residue from old tape which kept one set of end flaps closed.

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