Dinky Toys 340 Landrover

Land-Rover, by Dinky Toys, No. 340. Scarce late version in orange with red plastic wheels. Very near mint/boxed. From The Nostalgic Collection.

Price: £175.00

This item is sold.


Not an easy find. This Landrover was issued from 1954-66 under this numbering. This version in vivid orange with red plastic wheels was issued toward the end of the production run. Matt deep green interior, complete and untarnished black windscreen, driver, well-shaped grey tyres (good colour often they can yellow over time).
Vivid finish throughout with no trace of sunfading. In close to mint condition (very few marks). Matt baseplate.



The correct lighter yellow later box is bright, clean and complete with a crisp feel. Light wear and an internal end flap tear.

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